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Building Solid Foundations

Bebe Natura supports parents and caretakers in building strong foundations throughout the journey of early child development. Our classes and creative play products promote healthy overall development and will be enriching for you and the entire family!

Join us and together we will BUILD:

BODIES that are capable and confident


BRAINS that are school-ready

BONDS between parent and child

Bebe Natura: A provider of Nurturing Pathways®

Nurturing Pathways® is a unique Creative Dance Program based on neurological principles regarding movement's central role in brain development and the importance of parent-child bonding. The curriculum targets developmentally appropriate movement practices to strengthen: 

- Cognition

- Sensory Processing and Motor Skills 

- Social-Emotional Growth

- Parent Education

 Come discover how movement deeply impacts learning! 

Nurturing Pathways®



Interested in doing a private consultation or presentation for a small parent group? ​Whether you loved your experience in a class and want to share a piece of the concepts with friends or are not quite ready to enroll but want to learn more about development and how you can help your babies, booking a private consult is a great option. 

PEPS Group Presentations

Looking for an hour presentation for your PEPS group in West Seattle or Renton?  As a licensed instructor, I would love to visit your baby group and share research based movement activities to enjoy tummy time and enrich brain development. 


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